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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Employees, who are addicted

Employees, who are addicted, depressed or anxious, work less, produce less and cost more! On the other hand, employees, who are motivated, empowered, engaged and happy, work more, produce more and cost less!
In summary, overcoming and preventing anxiety requires a change in mindset and vision from “there’s nothing I can do about the future” to “I can create a better future because I have a plan!” Ростов, кредиты And, yes, ultimately, it requires taking the required action to implement that plan and manifest the vision. On a more immediate level, though, dowsing the flame of an anxiety attack requires a change in conscious thinking. You either attack the anxiety or it attacks you. If you run, it will hunt you down and swallow you whole. If you look it straight in the eye and go after it, the anxiety and/or panic will dissipate!